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Membership Benefits

  • ASMTA State Conference (annually in early June)
  • MTNA National Conference
  • American Music Teacher and the MTNA e-Journal
  • State and National Competitions
  • MTNA Certification Program 
  • Grants and Awards from the MTNA Foundation Fund
  • MTNA Professional Support Line
  • Member Insurance Programs
  • Legal Consultation Services
  • Merchant Services

Join MTNA!

Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining the Arkansas State Music Teachers Association

Affiliated with Music Teachers National Association

1. The Local Music Teachers Associations

They provide more intimate involvement in MTNA. State affiliates hold conferences and workshops, while local associations provide special educational programs, festivals and opportunities to network with other professionals.

2. Zoning Information

Over the years, zoning issues have been a concern for independent music teachers with home-based studios. MTNA understands these issues and can provide you with a Zoning Guide that explains how to prevent and deal with situations that may occur. MTNA can also offer you support on behalf of the community of music teachers who are members.

3. Grant Opportunities

The MTNA Foundation Fund awards grants annually to music teachers and MTNA-affiliated associations at the MTNA National Conference. Teacher enrichment grants are provided to music teachers for private study, specific college-level course work or other projects that will enhance the performing and teaching skills of the applicant. Local and stae association grants are awarded to assist funding projects that provide teachers opportunities for educational and professional development.

4. Networking

Arkansas Music Teachers Association (ASMTA) is a state affiliate of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), an association of nearly 24, 000 independent and collegiate music teachers nationwide. The size and geographical span of the organization makes MTNA a powerful alliance and provides you with a collective voice for music-teaching professionals. This national, state and local network provides camaraderie, support and new ideas. The four local associations provide informational programs for members as well as opportunities to ‘talk shop’. The local associations are: MTACA, Delta MTA, North Central MTA, and Northwest Arkansas MTA.

5. Performance Opportunities

ASMTA teachers have access to workshops and their students can perform in master-classes with visiting guest-artists and clinicians. Successful teachers appreciate a vaqriety of incentives and performance opportunities that will motivate students at all levels. ASMTA and its local associations provide a wide range of non-competitive auditions and festivals in addition to scholarship auditions and honors recitals that meet the needs of pre-college students of all ages.

6. National, State and District Conferences

These conferences held annually, bring together the membership and offer you a chance to attend master classes with artist teachers, technology sessions and evening concerts, as well as educational and pedagogical sessions.

7. The MTNA Professional Certification Program

This program provides you with prestige and the potential for student recruitment and increased earning power while enhancing your professional status. This program exists to improve the level of professionalism within the field of applied music teaching and will help the public readily identify you as a competent applied music teacher in their community.

8. American Music Teacher Magazine (AMT) and the Arkansas State Music Teacher (ASMTA) Newsletter

These quarterly periodicals provide you with articles, reviews and regular columns that inform, educate and challenge music teachers and foster excellence in the music teaching profession. Articles in the AMT will motivate you and keep you up to date on the latest music teaching advances. ASMTA will keep you abreast on statewide activities for your students and news from various local associations across the state.

9. MTNA National Student Performance and Composition Competitions

are the most successful and prestigious student competitions in the country. Sponsored by leading music corporations, these competitions attract the finest performers in piano, strings, voice, woodwinds, brass and chamber music, as well as composition. Performance competitions range from junior high level to collegiate. Composition competitions include elementary through college levels. Chamber music is also included on the high school and collegiate level.

10. Personal and Professional Insurance and Financial Services

These services are offered exclusively to MTNA members and are comprehensive without being cost-prohibitive. Not only can you get dental, vision and supplementary health insurance at a reasonable cost, but affordable insurance for your instruments and office equipment.

Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM)

The MTNA Professional Certification program provides an opportunity for music teachers to validate their qualifications to their employers, clients, and peers. It is a rewarding process that results in personal and professional fulfillment.

There are five standards that define what a competent music teacher should know and be able to do:

Standard I: Professional Preparation
Standard II: Professional Teaching Practice
Standard III: Professional Business Management
Standard IV: Professionalism and Partnerships
Standard V: Professional and Personal Renewal
For more information about national Certification, visit the MTNA Certification website or contact Miroslava Panayotova